Assessment and roadmap of the “Innovation” department

Client case


Assessment and roadmap of the Innovation department

About the client

Our client is a public works company specializing in railway infrastructure for all types of rail transport. It is also a railway operator.

What were the results?

  • Roadmap for the setup of the innovation department, processes and practices
  • Organization of the implementation of the innovation function integrated in the overall transformation of the company

What was the key to your success?

Our approach was to consult widely with the company’s businesses to develop an innovation function based on its “customers”.

The roadmap was built by integrating the capacity to allocate resources to innovative projects.


1 Manager and 1 Consultant

Where did you start from?

Our client has made innovation one of its main priorities.

An innovation director is recruited to set up and develop an innovation function that meets the challenges.

What was your approach to the issue?

  • Diagnosis of innovation maturity is based on our reference framework:
    • Conducting 25 focused interviews with all the company’s functions
    • In-depth work groups
    • Construction of 3 contrasting scenarios of ambition / performance of the function and recommendation of a target at 24 months
  • The roadmap is developed within the framework of the company’s transformation project (Stronger Together):
  • Identification of milestone practices and calibration of resources
    • Vision and strategic innovation plan
    • Innovation process
    • Development of the external ecosystem
    • Financing and resource allocation methods for innovative projects
    • Governance
  • Consolidation of the roadmap