A dynamic team for your transformations

Talisker, a mission-driven company

Since the summer of 2021 and after a formalization process led collectively by all of Talisker’s employees, we have officially become a mission-driven company.


Our purpose is inspired by who we are collectively as well as individually. It seemed important to us to write it down in black and white to materialize the direction we have been heading towards for a few years now and to endorse it. Thus, we have become a mission-driven company in order to:


“Make women and men the authors and actors of the sustainable transformations of our society”.


To this end, we have set three objectives that will enable us to move forward together on the foundations that we have begun to lay.

They do not substantially alter the commitments that the firm has always made, both internally and towards its clients, but we are proud to present them!


“Inspire and foster change within our ecosystem”


“Empower our clients and their teams to transform their organizations towards a sustainable future”


“Make each of our employees responsible for the future of Talisker and to encourage their growth”


For us, being a mission-driven company does not equate “revolution”. We made this choice not to awaken our consciences, which are already directed towards others, but simply to encourage us to go further and do better. We have thus decided to put ourselves within a framework that describes us, that says and shows what we are and that will allow us to make our progress even more tangible in order to push us to go even further in our convictions.

As of September 2022, Talisker is BCorp certified. This distinction honors us and encourages us to maintain our highest level of attention to our ecosystem in the broadest sense of the word in order to work in accordance with our purpose.

Our day-to-day actions

Talisker's civic commitment

Since 2019, Talisker has been a partner of Vendredi, a corporate citizenship platform that allows our consultants to work with associatioTalsns and raise awareness on societal issues (disability, gender-based and sexual violence, climate…) on their work time.

All team members can carry out missions of skills sponsorship by making their expertise available to associations: construction with them of the objectives, the approach and the deliverables, just like with our other clients!

What our consultants have to say about this :

“Thanks to corporate sponsorship, I was able to put my skills to use for a great cause!” – Senior consultant

” Skills sponsorship allows us to be creative and to test new methods that can be replicated by our clients ” – Consultant

“It’s great to be able to get involved with associations during your working hours” – Manager

“Thanks to a sponsorship mission, I was able to gain expertise on subjects that I had not yet tackled during my missions” – Consultant

The apprenticeship tax for the FNEGE

This year, Talisker has decided to donate part of its apprenticeship tax to the National Foundation for Business Management Education.

Created in 1968 by a joint effort between the State and companies, the Fnege aims to develop and improve the quality of higher education in business management.

In recent years, the Fnege has contributed to the internationalization of French business schools by helping to relocate programs or by facilitating partnerships with foreign institutions.

We run for charities

In March 2021, 4 consultants achieved the feat – yes, for some, it was quite an exploit – of running a half-marathon for which the collective commitment was to give 10€ per kilometer run.

840 well spent euros for non-profit organizations!