Change is not a problem...

...but where do we start?

Starting out with energy and pathways

Transformation and collective dynamics mobilize the energy of our customers – and of Talisker itself – which we focus on 4 key areas :


  • The customer experience
  • The management team
  • Innovation
  • Digital technologies


In all our transformations and collective dynamics, we subtly balance these 4 levers.


Customer experience to enhance player value

Internal marketing is the tool used to position an organization in its "market". It covers customer understanding, value-based service design, customer relations, distribution channels, communication... Customer orientation provides a solid foundation for these transformation programs.

A management team is all about service, not power

The management chain is the backbone of the organization. We work on the collaboration and empowerment of the players involved, to improve their motricity. To achieve this, we develop both the left brain - to build robust operations - and the right brain - for the customer experience dimension.

Innovating with and for our clients

Innovation is a tool for total collaboration! Internally, it unites energies around the future to make it a reality. It is also a rich vector of collaboration between an entity and its customers, notably through co-construction or the implementation of agile collaboration principles.

Digital technologies to transform business

The challenge for IT and Digital is to be able to extract ourselves from technology to gain height and think customer & user. That's where IT and Digital expertise comes in: providing the organization with the ability to make the most of our IT resources to enhance the experience of our end-users, whether internal or customers.