Catalog of BtoB services

Client case

Energy leader

Catalog of BtoB services

About the client

Our client is a major player in the energy sector, producing and marketing low-carbon fuels, natural gas and electricity. Its 100,000 employees are present in over 100 countries.

What were the results?

  • A framework for the business catalog with the ultimate goal of :
    • A better valuation of IT services
    • A limitation of the IT shadow within the subsidiaries
  • A community of marketing correspondents (branches & TGITS) that is dynamic and a source of value
  • Governance defined with all stakeholders for a sustainable catalog

What were the results?

In our opinion, the main success factors are linked to the relationship between the players.

  • Iteration with the future users of the BtoB catalog via workshops in particular
  • Ongoing involvement of all IT branch & Shared Services Group marketing managers, notably through the organization of two seminars.
  • Continued adherence to the ServiceNow platform redesign project


1 Partner, 2 consultants

Where did you start from?

The client wanted to enhance the value of IT services for users and internal customers (business correspondents, IT managers in subsidiaries, etc.), improve their experience from the discovery of services to their adoption and use, and more generally encourage user autonomy.

To do this, it has launched a project to improve the content of service catalogs, linked to the implementation of a Service Now portal where they will be accessible.

One of the projects focused on the catalog of business services for internal customers (business managers, business analysts, IT managers in the subsidiaries, etc.)

The objectives of this project were to:

  • Frame the catalog: scope, recipients, positioning
  • Define the format of the service sheets: information, design
  • Define the UX of the catalog: profiling, navigation path
  • Write the functional specifications of the catalog
  • Support content writing with an editorial brief
  • Define the governance of the catalog update

What was your approach to the issue?

We had to have an approach centered on the user and highlighting the benefits for him in the exercise of his profession.


Coordination with the project tool

  • Validation of the target positioning of the BtoB catalogs, definition of the scope and recipients
  • Definition of the information to be included in a service sheet
  • Definition of the target user experience: user path, personalization rules
  • Definition of the functional specifications of the catalog

Editorial and governance

Then, we promoted the editorial dimension of the catalog to all the actors (service owners, category managers, etc.) by preparing the writing of the cards with the help of editorial briefs

Finally, we led several workshops to define the governance of the catalog management (catalog management roles/categories/services and instances)