Customer experience ambition and operational implementation

Client case

Insurance company

Customer experience ambition and operational implementation

About the client

A global insurance player and subsidiary of an international banking group, the company designs and provides its clients with a range of savings, retirement and personal protection products as well as a wide range of tools and services.

What was your approach to the issue?

The first step in the process was to translate the brand promise, shared by the insurer and its partners, into “customer orientations” that could easily be put into practice for end customers and employees. It resulted in the definition of a “customer experience ambition”, the spearhead of the transformation process.

This was followed by a redesign of the various customer journeys, carried out jointly with our distribution partners, with the aim of delivering new experiences that are consistent with our customers’ orientations and that make full use of the potential of digital technology.

The creation of a “Customer Experience” department was the third step. This department’s mission is to guarantee and defend a high level of customer experience ambition, to manage the implementation of new processes, and to play an active role in the deepening of new customer reflexes and attitudes within all the teams.

What was the key to your success?

As in any transformation project, the support of the Executive Committee enabled us to quickly mobilize all of our energies, both within the internal teams and with the teams of our distribution partners.

The robust and resolutely customer-centric methodological approach made it possible to translate a “customer ambition” into real customer experiences in a very concrete way.

The collective dynamic that was in demand throughout the project helped to pacify decision-making and act as a driving force to anchor new, more customer-oriented postures.

The mobilization of end customers at different stages of the process ensured the relevance of the directions taken … and thus avoided any unpleasant surprises!

Where did you start from?

The company has embarked on a major transformation effort to become a customer-oriented service industrialist, serving its partners. In doing so, it also intends to respond to the new economic and regulatory environment and to new customer expectations.

This new “customer” orientation is reexamining the company’s partnership model and intends to build new models with them that will bring value to the customer.

Its vision is based on the conviction that it is by meeting the expectations of its customers that the company will contribute to the success of its partners.

What were the results?

A “customer experience ambition” shared by all the company’s employees, enabling the development of a new, broader customer vision (distributor customers and end customers).

A structured and organized customer experience department that has defined its roadmap and is fully integrated into the company’s governance.

Anchoring a new approach to the deployment of customer journeys, based on the principles of agility.

Deployment of the first initiatives (customer journey MVP) that immediately bring tangible results on the quality of the perceived customer experience as well as on the operational and commercial performance of the company.