Managerial support for the new branch model

Client case

Temporary employment company

Managerial support for the new branch model

About the client

Cet acteur majeur du marché de l’intérim est confiant dans sa capacité à faire face aux évolutions de son secteur, même si son inertie, liée à sa taille est plus importante que ses principaux concurrents.

What were the results?

A management team and regional directors aligned and prepared to carry the meaning of this new organization
A project team and all HR managers sharing the same keys to managerial support for change as the managers concerned
New branch managers identified and trained to lead the first meetings and individual interviews required to start up their new branch
A rapid start-up in each new branch, with the profitability target reduced by 3 to 4 weeks

What was the key to your success?

The development of customized training in managerial support for change has been a determining factor; this consists of reproducing, in practical training cases, the relational issues (fears, disappointments and questioned professional values) that new Branch Managers are confronted with in the first meetings and individual interviews required to start up their new branch. The trainers’ “coaching” posture allows new Branch Managers to gain in ease when faced with the difficult questions and issues of their future teams.


1 Partner et 3 Senior Consultants

Where did you start from?

Market share and profitability are eroding year after year, and new offers (temporary contracts, etc.) are not compensating for this.

At the instigation of its shareholder, a new agency plan is being defined, starting with dense urban areas. The management team for France is having difficulty agreeing on a coherent plan for implementing this new organization.

What was your approach to the issue?

Bringing together implementers on change management

  • Interventions and seminars with the national management team
  • Facilitation of workshops with regional management teams: preparation for their role in supporting change
  • Preparation of the training system for managers with the project team management
  • Select and train all managers in change management
  • Assessment of candidates for the role of Branch Manager with an evaluation of their managerial skills and their ability to progress
  • Tailor-made training in effective attitudes for leading the first meetings and conducting individual interviews with each new employee in the agency

Giving all contributors the same keys to change management

  • Change management training for the project team in charge of supporting each new branch manager in defining his new organization and operational target
  • Change management training for all HR managers in the areas concerned by the implementation of the new agencies