Massively collaborative ideation campaigns

Client case

International services group

Massively collaborative ideation campaigns

About the client

Our client is a multi-service BtoB operator established in 37 countries and is marked by a highly decentralized and multicultural management.

What were the results?

  • Active participation of more than 100 people in 17 countries on 3 continents: creation of a network of innovation champions, with a first success.
  • Conducting a process that is emblematic of the development of an innovation culture.
  • Action plan for sharing local initiatives and concepts of offers to be developed.
  • Feedback to prepare future collective intelligence campaigns.

What was the key to your success?

Setting up and coaching champions in each country was a key element of the mobilization.


1 Manager

Where did you start from?

Our client is setting up a corporate innovation function to test the potential and conditions for success of a collaborative platform to identify local initiatives with a view to globalizing offers and sharing best practices.

What was your approach to the issue?

  • 2 global challenges are conducted in parallel on the OpenLab™ collaborative platform on the following themes:
    • “Developing the innovation culture”
    • “Integrating new technologies into our offerings”
  • The exercise is accompanied by the collection of best practices and innovative offerings initiatives at the local level.
  • Leadership is based on the creation of a network of champions to relay the approach locally in each country.
  • It is the subject of in-depth feedback to highlight