Maturity diagnosis of ITIL, AGILE and DEVOPS practices

Client case

Personal and professional insurance

Maturity diagnosis of ITIL, AGILE and DEVOPS practices

About the client

Our client is a company that designs, manages and distributes insurance solutions and assistance services for individuals, professionals and companies. Its EIG, with 130 employees, offers consulting and IT solutions to the group's companies: work environment, support, solutions...

What were the results?

Factual evaluation of ITIL practices, Agile principles and DevOps philosophy appropriation within the GIE teams

  • Collective awareness of the maturity level of ITIL, Agile and DevOps practices
  • Building a roadmap :
    • Responding to the needs of the production management
    • Supported by the other teams through the members of the CODIR
    • Integrated into the major strategic axes of the GIE

What was the key to your success?

  • Representativeness of the people interviewed
  • Co-construction and involvement of the CODIR to support the approach taken by the Production Department


1 Partner, 1 Manager

Where did you start from?

After a first introduction of ITIL concepts a few years ago, our client wanted to re-launch a dynamic improvement of its practices.

The production manager, having recently taken up his position, wanted to raise the collective awareness of the maturity level of the teams with regard to ITIL practices.

The ongoing deployment of Agile within the GIE and the DevOps orientation had to be considered.

Talisker’s mission was to assess the maturity of ITIL practices, Agile principles, and measure the DevOps orientation of the teams.

What was your approach to the issue?

Interviews and documentary collection

  • Interviews with 30 people from the GIE, including
    • 30% of the production management,
    • Directors, middle management and operational staff (projects and process practitioners)
  • Use of ITIL, Agile and DevOps maturity grids
    • Diagnosis, production of the report and restitution
    • Writing of findings, consolidation of ITIL, Agile and DevOps assessments
    • Sharing the report and recommendations with the teams
    • Construction of the roadmap
    • Working meeting with the production management to define an action plan
    • Presentation to the CODIR and collective finalization of the roadmap