Merger of entities following acquisitions

Client case

European digital services company

Merger of entities following acquisitions

About the client

A European player in IT services and software, our client occupies a differentiating position between global operators and niche players. With its multi-specialist profile, the group offers its clients a combination of proximity, sector-based organization and industrial quality solutions.

What were the results?

  • The creation of the 5th largest infrastructure outsourcing company in France
  • No loss of skills due to the merger of 3 companies with very different cultures
  • A modern and industrial organization
  • A quick operational merger limiting the loss of activity
  • 4 points of profitability gained each of the 2 years

What was the key to your success?

Successful mergers generally have 2 characteristics

  • The objective of the operation is clear and known by all, which induces a necessary transparency, but also a pedagogy of the target and the method,
  • A speed of execution that energizes the structure and leaves no room for “political” games or late questions.


1 Partner, 2 consultants

Where did you start from?

Our client has acquired 2 family-owned infrastructure service companies (100 and 400 people) and wants them to join a team of 500 people already present internally in this field of expertise.

The target is a subsidiary of 1100 people / 90 M€ of turnover present on the whole French territory.

What was your approach to the issue?

We approached the operation by involving the management structure on 2 subjects in parallel

An "operations" stream

  • Convergence of operating, financial, legal and HR modes
  • Tuning of financial parameters
  • Arbitration of skills and commercial territories
  • Rationalization of the 3 datacenters

A "Sense/Dynamic" stream

  • Promote the coherence of the merger project
  • Bringing together the teams and demonstrating the homogeneity of the professions and profiles
  • Inspire a development dynamic to replace doubts with success