Mobilization and implication of a group of agents

Client case

City of 41 000 inhabitants in Ile-de-France

Mobilization and implication of a group of agents

About the client

Massy is a town in the Essonne region with 41,000 inhabitants, a budget of €130 million and 1,100 municipal

What were the results?

  • Actions to improve the public service or their working conditions proposed and carried out by the agents themselves.
  • An improvement in the commitment of employees and the social climate as a result of taking into account the employees’ proposals for improvement
  • An increase in trust between employees and management
  • An increase in the mobilization of agents
  • A dynamic of managerial innovation involving the staff

What was the key to your success?

The main factor of success was the involvement of the agents and the mobilization of their capacity to direct the action of the community according to their concrete knowledge of the field. These actions concerned both the services provided to citizens and their own working conditions.


1 Partner and 1 consultant

Where did you start from?

The Mayor wanted to improve the performance of the administration to provide a better quality public service to the inhabitants. The Director General of Services wanted to innovate and develop collective intelligence by mobilizing all staff.

What was your approach to the issue?

  • Management by the “project leader
  • Involvement of the general management team
    • Sharing of goals
  • The constitution of 50 groups per service, mobilizing all the agents:
    • Explanation of the approach
    • Training of a facilitator per group
  • A participatory approach within each group
    • Sharing of the best practices of the organization and the areas of improvement
    • Proposal of improvement actions and prioritization by vote
  • Feedback for the agents:
    • Choice by the Mayor of the projects to be carried out
    • Allocation of resources to each group to carry out the selected actions
    • Setting up of transversal actions
  • A final festive event: giant barbecue and living logo