Establishment of a central contact point for users

Client case

City of 41 000 inhabitants in Ile-de-France

Establishment of a central contact point for users

About the client

Massy is a town in the Essonne region with 41,000 inhabitants, a budget of €130 million and 1,100 municipal employees.

What were the results?

  • Simplification of relations with the municipal administration for users through multi-channel access to a range of services with a single point of contact
  • Collaboration between the various departments
  • An increase in the competence of agents
  • A dynamic of innovation involving the staff
  • An innovative project implemented: implementation and use of a CRM

What was the key to your success?

Our action was based on collaboration between complementary and multidisciplinary teams. These exchanges are generally timid at the beginning of the mission and quickly become extremely fruitful.


1 Partner, 1 consultant

Where did you start from?

The Mayor wanted to improve the performance of the administration to provide a better quality public service to the inhabitants. The Director General of Services wanted to innovate and develop collective intelligence by mobilizing all staff.

What was your approach to the issue?

  • A process to mobilize and engage all employees
  • A management seminar marks the launch of the project mode approach:
    • Sharing of goals
      Sharing of the project approach
  • A project manager forms and leads a team around him:
    • Mobilization of staff (on a voluntary basis) and partner departments partenaires
    • Mobilization of the IT department and external support (CRM)
  • Collaborative work on the new organization:
    • Definition of the service package accessible through the central point of contact
    • Definition of new processes in conjunction with the departments concerned
    • Implementation of the tools necessary for the new operation with the IT department
  • Feedback for the agents:
    • Increase in skills (training)
    • Improvement of working conditions and reception of the public (new furniture)
    • New organization of working hours