Support in the development of a research and innovation roadmap

Client case

Energy sector

Support in the development of a research and innovation roadmap

About the client

The client is a French independent gas infrastructure operator (transport, storage and operation)

What were the results?

&I has new ambitions and wishes to transform itself in order to adapt its activity, particularly with regard to non-regulated activities. Today, it is in a position to orchestrate and mobilize the company’s skills in order to support and implement the innovative initiatives identified in its “traditional” activities. Our mission consisted in accompanying the R&I Department in order to validate with the CEO a proposal for a change in its missions, consisting of a resolute orientation towards the markets and a more proactive investment in the challenges of diversification and the creation of new businesses. Today it is a question of developing the organization, the practices, the means in response to the following imperatives:

  • Develop commercial, competitive and technological intelligence
  • Weaving and operating technological and market partnerships, sharing opportunities (co-financing, co-development, co-branding, etc.)
  • Broaden the sources of funding for projects: own funds, partners, financial aid
  • Set up an Innovation Hub to meet the new ambitions of R&I
  • Développer la veille commerciale, concurrentielle, technologique  
  • Tisser et faire fonctionner des partenariats technologiques et marché, mutualiser les opportunités (co-financement, co-développement, co-branding …) 
  • Elargir les sources de financement des projets : fonds propres, partenaires, aides financières 
  • Mettre en place un Innovation « Hub » pour répondre aux nouvelles ambitions de la R&I 



1 Partner, 1 Manager

Where did you start from?

Our client is an innovative player in the energy sector. Its missions fall under two sets of activities: the regulated (public service) missions of gas transport and storage and the non-regulated activities concerning new “competitive” activities to pursue its development and diversification. To meet the challenges of the energy transition, which aim in particular to decarbonize and minimize the environmental footprint, our client is convinced that Innovation is a strategic tool for successful transformation.

Talisker’s client’s objective was to redefine and validate the new innovation management process and the associated governance. To instill a new dynamic and a new commitment among the group’s employees and managers and ultimately create the right conditions to allow the R&I team to be fully recognized as an “actor-facilitator” in human transformation and change management.

What was your approach to the issue?

Through several interviews and workshops, we identified the various blocking points and the difficulties R&I had in building a value proposition consistent with the needs and expectations of the business and the existing governance bodies. By challenging the innovation process and the associated governance, we clarified the opportunities for improvement and the necessary pivots.

This approach was part of a series of workshops that allowed us to take stock of the situation, identify constraints, share a target vision, challenge the tracks and proposals defined internally and make counter-proposals by bringing in our expertise in order to validate potential solutions.

We thus clarified the target vision, the areas of improvement, the necessary means and resources as well as the levers to be used to mobilize the stakeholders.

At the same time, we trained and sensitized 15 managers to Innovation and to the operating principles of communities of interest.