Transformation of a Production Department

Client case

Insurance company

Transformation of a Production Department

About the client

The client designs, manages and distributes insurance solutions and assistance services for individuals, professionals and companies. We intervened within its IT EIG.

What was your approach to the issue?

The approach was divided into 3 parts:

  • The structuring of the transformation plan with the CODIR and middle management, to define the ambitions of the production in coherence with the strategy of the GIE.
  • The launch and the embarkation of the collective via the awareness and the participation of the contributors (~60 ppl)
  • The assistance to the piloting of the transformation plan, thanks to an AGILE accompaniment, the animation of the various events (seminar, COPIL, workshops…) as well as the contribution of expertise in particular on subjects related to the ITSM and coaching of the middle management.

What were the results?

Beyond the awareness of the evolution of practices and jobs, the mission made it possible to create and master new roles within production (Process and Service Manager)

For all the employees, this increase in maturity on the subjects related to ITSM has enabled them to better manage the services offered, via the implementation of processes for managing incidents, changes, problems, etc.

Where did you start from?

This IT EIG is pursuing the ambition of becoming “the reference IT partner for its group”.

In this context, an important reflection was carried on its strategy as well as a diagnosis of its ITIL, Agile and DevOps practices.

Within the Production division, we have defined 4 major projects in a roadmap in which the production department was the first stakeholder.

What was your role?

Our mission was to support the teams in the implementation of the roadmap in order to facilitate the appropriation of these new practices.

What were the key success factors?

The success of the mission is explained by the attention paid to all employees.

A regular measurement of the adherence to the transformation was monitored through the use of a change barometer.

Numerous co-construction workshops and seminars were also used to mobilize employees, to get them to adhere to the new working methods and to make them aware of the company’s new orientations.